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Karen LeVert is co-founder of Ag TechInventures (AgTI). She has a keen interest in advancing early stage technologies into the commercial marketplace and Ag TechInventures has a sole focus on technology innovation in agriculture.  Previous to AgTI she co-founded Southeast TechInventures as a technology innovation lab focused on further developing promising technologies from university research labs.  

Ms. LeVert’s business experience encompasses both corporate and entrepreneurial worlds with over twenty-five years of successful leadership experience in start-ups, technology commercialization, and executive management.  She started her career at a Fortune-500 insurance company in positions of increasing responsibility from computer programmer, to controller, to general manager of a 500-person Property & Casualty service center. Her first entrepreneurial venture was launching a franchise bioremediation company in 1998 that she later sold in 2001. Before co-founding STI, Ms. LeVert co-founded a Silicon Valley based software company focused on recruiting in collegiate athletics.  She holds an MBA from the University of Dayton and an Information Technology undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University (EMU).  Ms. LeVert received All-Academic honors while captaining her Division 1 basketball team at EMU.   

Along with her professional duties she serves as a Board member for the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, North Carolina School of Science and Math, NC IDEA Foundation, and LCBA Life Insurance company. 

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