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Biotality creates and develops effective, safe, and sustainable crop protection products that are targeted to the organic and “green” crop protection markets.

  • Biotality's initial technology is a proprietary organism that overproduces an exudate shown to be highly fungicidal.

  • Application of this product is as a seed protectant and/or post harvest drench, addressing the lack of commercial organic options to effectively control devastating seed-borne and seedling diseases in field crops as well as post harvest losses on fruit.

  •  Biotality has patent rights for the production of the organism as well as extraction and purification of the exudate.


Edison Agrosciences is an agricultural biotechnology company dedicated to engineering plant-based production of industrial materials, with a primary focus on the development of alternative rubber crops.

  • Edison is engineering yield improvements of industrial materials in native producing plant systems and engineering novel production of industrial materials in suitable plant systems.

  • Edison has an emerging IP portfolio covering multiple technical strategies and is developing strategic partnerships to mitigate the risk of pilot scale crop and product validation.

  • Edison has a strong leadership team with a track record of success in industry.


Rx Maker develops crops, soils, and weather algorithms that will be used to create new data layers.

  • RxMaker's new data layers will be used to drive selection of crops, crop varieties, fertilizer nutrients, soil amendments, and biological products as well as their respective application rates to agricultural production fields.

  •  Rx Maker intends to leverage the large scale production of spatially precise, accurate, new data layers in several ways including:

    • the sale of digital maps to individual farmers and their crop advisors,

    • driving the variable rate prescriptions generated by Rx Maker for farmers on behalf of input supply companies, and

    • licensing the soil mapping technology to large ag companies or governments to create high quality soils maps for areas outside of the US.



IngateyGen LLC  (IGG) is a Biotech company with a focus on human nutrition. IGG uses cutting edge technologies including Genomics, Proteomics, Plant Tissue Culture, and Plant Propagation to develop and produce innovative high value agricultural products which enhance and save lives.

The most mature product in our development pipeline is hypoallergenic peanuts - devoid of the major and most common allergens. Our goal is to develop an allergen-free peanut. The protocals for regeneration and transformation for the genetic improvement of other food products are also being established.



ecoTEK Industries LLC has patented an alternative process and material for the manufacturing of custom devices or products - that traditionally use carbon, fiber glass, plastic or man-made materials - using natural and renewable materials. This proprietary technology creates a tremendous cost benefit when compared to conventional methods. The cost of industrial hemp fiber and other natural materials used are pennies on the dollar compared to carbon or fiberglass. These devices made with this proprietary material are actually stronger than carbon fiber, without adding any significant weight. ecoTEK also recognizes the opportunity for application in many other fields, including but not limited to, the manufacture of boats, planes, surfboards, RVs or even ballistic materials; along with many other industries.