Originating from his central Mississippi roots, Shane has spent his entire career in agriculture.  He is an honors graduate of Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural / Integrated Pest Management and a Master of Science in Entomology, with graduate minors in Weed Science and Statistics.

Throughout is extensive 20+ year career in the agriculture industry with Bayer CropScience, Acadian Plant Health, Ernst & Young, and other legacy multinational companies, he has held a wide range of positions, including Director of Marketing – Digital Farming, Global Agribusiness Lead, Director of US Sales and Global Marketing, and many others.

In each of his previous roles, he has been successful in globally leading the creation and deployment of digital farming strategies and commercial implementations, creating and leading teams and initiatives in advisory services, marketing design, strategy development, and many others.  He has also successfully propelled strategies, business and portfolio developments and deployments in both specialty horticulture and broadacre markets across North America and various international markets, including South America, Europe and Asia.  His career path has afforded him the opportunity to hold over 12 roles in 8 locations across multiple continents. 

Shane’s primary passion areas of expertise include farming operations, ag chem and seed multinationals and digital farming innovations.  Additional areas of agricultural expertise include equipment, retail and agtech innovations with a focus on data-enabled decision-making, digitalization and ROI-focused precision farming.

His visionary passion for agriculture resides in his drive to be a highly-influential leader to the long-term success of innovative agricultural companies, ensuring the productivity of modern agriculture practices to affordably and sustainably feed and clothe a growing global population.


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